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Step 1: Watch this Intro Video 

Step 2: Watch this Video On Funding Your Account

Important Notes from Video!

  • You MUST send via the TRC20 Network
  • Kracken allows tranfers using TRC20
  • Use as a bridge to send via TRC20.
  • DO NOT Send via ERC20 (Coinbase,, etc)
  • Need help with this?  DM me and I am happy to help!

Links from Video!

Step 3: Set Up your VPS for Full Automation 

Important Notes from Video!

  • I recommend getting one of the first 2 options from the link above ($15/mo or $20/mo). These are the least expensive and will be all that you need for running this simple script.

Links from Video!

Step 4: Configure Your Automation 

Important Notes from Video!

You will have to Contact Alex on Telegram  >>  @FlexwithAlex

{Copy and Paste the following and change out the ******** for your information.


Hi Alex I have joined COTPS under COTPS Username Adrian – he is in your COTPS Team and his device name is VM69954

My COTPS Username is ******

My VPS Device Name is *******

I would love you to arrange my COTPS automated script AND a Remote session to install the script for me.

I will send 50 USDT (TRC20) for both services to your wallet address at


Could you please confirm by reply that you are happy for me to proceed by sending you 50USDT for the above service?


Kind Regards ******

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    Important Notes!

    Have you found this page and the process to be easy to follow?  Want to share this with others?  I will be happy to create this same page for you at no charge and host it as well.  It will contain your personal link for COTPS so that everyone you share it with can sign up with your referral link.



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